Carol Rozendo


I am an interaction designer and programmer flirting with physical interfaces. I am currently pursuing a masters degree at MIT Media Lab, and my background is mixed in between communication, media publishing, coding, arts and crafts. I am especially motivated by prospective design and innovation for social good.

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As a graduate student at MIT, I am interested in exploring different modes of perception in the practice of user experience design. Immersive storytelling and non-visual forms of display also capture my attention.

I started working with interaction design back in 2005, after a few years of experience in print media. In 2006, four years after receiving a bachelor degree in Communication and Media studies (Publishing) from the University of Sao Paulo, I was invited to publish my graduation project on the first century of Typography as a book. In 2012, I already had a decade of experience and abilities in media production, but decided to explore other possibilities and enrolled in the Design programme of the University of Sao Paulo.

As a naturally curious person, I learn coding as an autodidact and adapt to new programming languages and technologies with relative ease. After working for large news media companies in Brazil, in 2015 I spent one term as a visiting student of the MIT Media Lab. That experience was important for me to redefine my goals as an interaction designer and discover a taste for research in the area media technology.

I love to find out new interests and explore abilities in sculpture, drawing or photography. I am currently experimenting with basic electronics for prototyping digitally-enabled objects and media experiences that transcend the screen.

I am also interested in understanding how ideas manifest in different modes of sensory perception, and how to improve the way how people create associations to internalize new information. Other interests are: data collection and visualization for everyday applications, nutrition and the impact of technology over nature. I believe in Design as a tool to help people live easier, happier and more conscious lives.



Front-end development

Data visualization


Java for Android


Server-side programming

2D Graphics

3D Graphics

Traditional Drawing / Sculpture


Enthusiasm for learning :)



2017/18 - Lemann Education Fellowship Awarded for the academic year of 2017-2018, this fellowship supports selected brazilian students pursuing Masters degree at MIT

2015 - Winner of Natura Campus Hackathon Competition organized with MIT research groups, in which I was selected to spend one semester as a visiting student at the MIT Media Lab

2014/2016 - Society for News Design (SND) Awards of Excelence given to works of elevated quality in News Media

2014/2015/2016/2017 - Prêmio Estadão Multiple works awarded by the company's internal prize, in the area od infographics, news narrative or data visualization

1999 - Full scholarship from ETAPA School Awarded after top results in selection exam



2012 - 2017 and 2008 - 2010 | O Estado de S. Paulo Interaction design and development Design and development for web pages, multimedia features and interactive data visualization for the news website. Helped mediate the communication between journalists, graphic artists and programmers.

2010 - 2012 | VEJA magazine Interaction design and development Designed and implemented interactive features for informative or entertaining online articles. Developed systems for collecting and visualizing data from social networks.

2000 - 2008 | Other companies Design, development and text editing Design and text editing of paper textbooks, comics, magazines and websites for different companies, NGOs or independent groups.