Publication Book: Typographers and editors


My graduation project for the degree in Communications and Media, published as a book in 2010. Titled "Tipógrafos e Editores - O Período de Criação" (Typographers and Editors - the Creation Period) it provided a historical overview of some personalities in the early history of book publishing and typography, as well as their contributions for print media.
Edited by Bruno Tenan (Com-Arte)



My first graduation in Media and Communication studies at the University of São Paulo focused in the area of Publishing. At that time, the processes of innovation already captured my interest, and I started a research on the first century of book printing. As a result, I wrote this book, aimed toward media students and those interested in the history of media publishing.

In this book, I guide the reader through a historical overview of advancements in print technology that happened from 1450 to 1550 in Europe. The first typographers were at the same time intellectuals and technicians. They normally got involved in all phases of a publication, from text editing to page composition - and in some cases, even distribution. Almost all of the elements of contemporary book were created by them and survived hundreds of years later. Their experiments have shaped western culture in a way similar to the digital revolution we go through today.

Each chapter provides image samples of the most notable works from each typographer, making eventual connections with works from other periods which were inspired by them.

By studying the innovations brought to life by typographers from the 15th and 16th centuries, I observed how media has modified our culture for centuries and determined how we build and share knowledge. Understanding how things evolved in the past helps us direct technologic changes towards the goals we want to achieve as a society.

My graduation project was oriented by Prof. Plínio Martins Filho, president of EDUSP and coordinator of the undergraduate programme in Communications and Arts (Publishing) of the University of São Paulo