Professional work Commute cost calculator


Moving around the city of São Paulo is costly. The price you pay on each mode of transportation will depend on many factors. This calculator helps users find the most cost-effective option between car, taxi, motorbike, bicycle, public transportation and even Uber.

Link: The cost of transportation in São Paulo
Tools and materials: Html, js, Google Maps API




The reporter Natália Cacioli contacted professionals responsible for calculating the cost of commute considering devaluation (in case of proprietary vehicles), the price of fuel, maintainance and taxes by km.

From a spreadsheet with these modes of transportation, I designed and built a calculator that would help compare the cost per day or per week and considering the number of passengers, so parents can also calculate the cost of transportation for families.

I used Google Maps API to calculate the distance between two addresses given by the user. This number would be used to simulate the costs for their specific path.