Professional work Demoiselle: web game

When reporters at O Estado de S. Paulo found new information about the Brazilian inventor Santos Dumont, our team was asked to think of a web game about his most stable invention. This simple 3D game I built in HTML presents Dummont's most stable and admired model for readers, giving pills of information about the inventor after each play.

Link: Demoiselle: The Game
Tools and materials: HTML, JS, threeJS



Santos Dumont created some of the first airplane models in history and made their plans public for free. A real maker! We wanted to make him justice by using good models of the airplane he used around Paris, which he called the Demoiselle.

I only had a 20-day span to make the tests, design and code this game, so the help I received from R. Kikuche and C. Marin was very welcome and important to deliver this work according to schedule. They worked on optimizations and the interface layout or sharing screens.

My colleague Jonatan Sarmento built the 3D version of the Demoiselle, but we had no experience in transporting these models into html, so it required a lot of technical research and testing. This interesting example of dynamic terrain in threeJS was of great help when using threeJS to code the game. I converted Sarmento's model to OBJ and transported it into html using this library.

After discussing the gameplay with my colleagues, it was time to start coding. The mechanics we chose are quite simple, so I did not use any game engine. The entire game, hit tests and movement are coded in javascript.