Professional work Data visualization

In this interactive visualization, all Oscar nominees and winners are represented in an animation that starts in 1929 and goes through 2016, highlighting actors of african descent. By making evident the small number of black nominees, it offers supporting data for questioning racial representation in the movie industry.

Link: Oscar Polemics
Tools and materials: HTML, JS, D3js, Adobe Illustrator



For collecting information on all actors nominated for Oscars since 1929, I programmed a routine to fetch the data from the official awards database, which offers an online tool but no way to download the filtered selection.

After checking and cleaning the data set, I did some research on black actors and actresses nominated, since the official database did not offer this kind of information.

With the data in hand, it was time to sketch the layout. The intention was to find how to show this information to the general public in a way that could be considered both informative and attractive.

I coded the layout using HTML and Javascript. D3js library was also used for organization of data.