Professional work Arena do Futuro: spherical viewer

Months before the Olympic Games were held in Brazil, the journalists at O Estado de S. Paulo had access to the plans to an arena that was yet to be built in Rio, called Arena do Futuro. This is an interactive preview of how the arena would look like after finished, built for mobile and desktop with a version for VR devices like Google Cardboard

Link: Arena do Futuro: Spherical Viewer (desktop and mobile)
Link: Arena do Futuro: Cardboard Viewer (VR)
Tools and materials: HTML, JS, threeJS



Glauco Lara and J. Sarmento worked on a 3D model of the arena from architecture plans, photographs and visits. I build this viewer using javascript and threeJS. I also worked on a virtual reality version for Google Cardboard and similar devices.

This viewer was built using a projected image on a three-dimensinal sphere, with the camera in its center. I also coded detection of movement using sensors from mobile devices. ThreeJs library for javascript helps with the rendering in browsers. The idea was that a user could travel through different locations of the arena for an idea of the points of view.

For the Cardboard version, only small changes were necessary. The most important one was the stereoscopic effect.