Experiments and hobbies Yoda Sculpture

One of my explorations in the intersection of two of my interests: pop culture and fine arts. This is the sculpture of character Yoda, from Star Wars, made by me during a workshop with brazilian sculptor Rick Fernandes. Aproximately 40 hours of work.

Tools and materials: Plastiline with armature and paper core.



Prof. Rick Fernandes, a very skilled professional, guided me in the process. We started with a wire armature and some crumpled paper to build a light volume inside the piece, allowing us to use less clay. Then I slowly worked on the anatomy of the character, worrying about the volumes but very few details.

The sculpture was built additively. Chunks of dough formed the rough shape of the body parts piece by piece, which allowed me to pay attention to the anatomy of the creature. It takes some effort to get the right expression on his face, but fortunately this kind of dough is very malleable and allows the student to undo and redo the parts that were not ideally done.

Skin and fabric textures were the most delicate part and took some time as well. This was done using specific tools or improvised ones, such as rough sandpaper, fabrics and plastic. The final piece took around 40 hours for me to finish, but I am happy with the result